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Round vacuum dryer

  • Product Name: Round Vacuum Dryer
  • Product model: YZG
Product details:

Round Vacuum Dryer Features:

1. Less heat loss from the evaporator.
2. It can be sterilized before drying. No impurities are mixed during the drying process, which meets GMP requirements.
3. It is a static vacuum dryer, so the shape of the dried material will not be damaged.
4. The boiling point of the material solution decreases under vacuum, which increases the driving force of the heat transfer of the evaporator, so the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved for a certain amount of heat transfer.
5. The heat source for evaporation operation can be low pressure steam or waste heat steam.

Principle of circular vacuum dryer :

The so-called circular vacuum dryer is to dry the dried material under vacuum and heat it. If a vacuum pump is used to extract air and dehumidify, the drying rate is accelerated.

Note: If a condenser is used, the solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser; if a SK series water ring vacuum pump is used, the condenser can be omitted, saving energy investment.

Technical parameters of circular vacuum dryer :

Circular Vacuum Dryer Specifications




Drying box size (mm)

Φ600 × 976

Φ1000 × 1527

Φ1400 × 2045

Outside dimensions of drying box (mm)

1135 × 810 × 1020

1693 × 1190 × 1500

2386 × 1675 × 1920

Layers of drying rack




Distance between layers (mm)




Baking tray size (mm)

310 × 600 × 45

520 × 410 × 45

460 × 640 × 45

Number of baking pans




Pressure in drying tube (MPa)




Operating temperature of drying rack (℃)




No-load vacuum degree inside the box (MPa)




At -0.1MPa, heating temperature 110 ℃
At the time of evaporation of water (kg / m2 · hr)




When using condenser, vacuum pump model,
Power (kw)

2X-15A 2KW

2X-30A 3KW

2X-70A 5.5KW

When the condenser is not used,
Vacuum pump model, power (kw)

SZ-0.5 1.5KW

SZ-1.0 2.2KW

SZ-2.0 4.0KW

Drying box weight (kg)




The above data. for reference only. If there are special requirements, our factory provides design and consulting services.

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