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Hollow paddle dryer starts cooperation with Yihai Kerry
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2019-9-17 16:05:16
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Recently, Yihai Kerry Group's Fengyi Polymer Materials (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. entered into a cooperative relationship with Changzhou Lida Motors and ordered a hollow blade dryer for sludge.

Fengyi Polymer Materials (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. is invested and constructed by Yihai Kerry Group, which is invested and held by Singapore's Fengyi International (Top 500), and is a world-leading agricultural comprehensive multinational grain and oil enterprise group. Relying on the integration of the whole industry chain model, it runs through the cultivation of agricultural products, intensive processing, research and development, brand sales, logistics and transportation, and customer service.

Yihai Kerry advocates sustainable development and is committed to becoming a corporate citizen who protects the environment, benefits society and the world. Changzhou Lima's operating philosophy is also the same. The putting into use of a sludge hollow paddle dryer will effectively create a sludge drying industry and will better implement this development goal.

Hollow Paddle Dryer Features:

1.Compact equipment structure, large effective heat transfer area, small footprint

2.Stir evenly, high thermal efficiency and good drying effect

3. The paddle shafts can mesh with each other and have a self-cleaning effect to prevent materials from sticking to the wall

4. Low energy consumption and small operation cost

5, small dust entrainment, less material loss

6.Indirect heating, non-polluting materials

7, the blade shaft speed is low, does not damage the product shape and properties

8. The equipment is flexible in operation and stable in operation.

Opening a cooperation trip with Yihai Kerry, which made Changzhou Lima's steps more vigorous and powerful, and also allowed the sludge hollow paddle dryer to exert its professional attributes in specific fields, which will better benefit enterprises and society .   

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