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Company: Changzhou Lima Drying Technology Co., Ltd.
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Address of Company: No. 11 Jinhua Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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Heat source equipment

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Coal-fired hot air stove
product manual:
The furnace is a universal hot air device, which is used in conjunction with drying equipment for various materials. It is widely used in the heating and dehumidification of grain, seeds, feed, fruits, dehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, fungus, tremella, tea, tobacco, and other agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, and light and heavy industrial products. Treasury dehumidification, etc.
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Oil and gas hot blast stove
product manual:
The fuel is burned through a burner to produce high-temperature smoke. The heat of high-temperature flue gas is transmitted to the heated air by means of a hot blast stove with enhanced heat exchange measures. After the heat is emitted, the temperature of the high-temperature gas is reduced to below 250 ° C and is discharged to the atmosphere by an induced fan.
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heat sink
product manual:
SRL type radiator has 37 kinds of specifications. The radiator is made of steel tube aluminum fin tube bundle, so the aluminum sheet is in close contact with the steel tube, the heat dissipation performance is good, and the use is reliable.
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A total of 3 products | Page 1-1 | ⎝⎛体育滚球平台⎞⎠ Previous Next Last
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