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Company: Changzhou Lima Drying Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zhou Youlai 13806118222
Phone: 0519-88968880
Fax: 0519-88968686
Mobile: 13806118222 18136711288
Address of Company: No. 11 Jinhua Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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Screening equipment

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Square Shaker
product manual:
FS series square sieve is a new generation of sieve powder equipment developed by our company. This machine is popular with customers due to its unique high efficiency, energy saving and low noise. Various materials in the industry are continuously sieved, and can be made into 1-4 layers of sieve surface according to user needs.
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Round shaker
product manual:
ZS series layered sieve is suitable for flowing operation, and it is an ideal equipment for continuous discharge of sieving particles with different sizes.
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A total of 3 products | Page 1-1 | ⎝⎛体育滚球平台⎞⎠ Previous Next Last
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