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Dry granulator

  • Product name: Dry granulator
  • Product model: LG200A
Product details:


LG200A dry granulator is a kind of product with advanced technical performance, economy and environmental protection, which is carefully developed by the company by drawing on the advanced granulation technology at home and abroad. Its extrusion, crushing and granulation functions are integrated, which can directly mix the good The powder is pressed into granules. The equipment uses the latest pressure roller control technology. By adjusting the physical fluctuations between different materials and different batches of the same batch of materials, the process parameters of the dry granulator (such as throughput, sheet density, pressure of rollers, speed, etc.) ) Can be precisely and repeatedly adjusted, so as to efficiently produce high-quality particles, and improve the stability, disintegration and solubility of the particles. In addition, the equipment occupies less land, has simple procedures, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is easy to disassemble and clean. The granules can be directly compressed into filling capsules. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


1. The granule device and power device prepared by the equipment are installed in space to avoid cross-contamination;

2. Unique loading system: The hopper adopts novel elliptical structure and ventilation structure, smooth transition, improves the flow performance of raw materials, avoids the phenomenon of bridging caused by poor fluidity and air resistance, and ensures production continuity;

3. All parts in contact with the material are easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and the studio is closed to effectively prevent the leakage of dust and pollute the environment;

4. The extrusion wheel is made of special stainless steel, which ensures applicable rigidity and hardness, strong corrosion resistance and avoid material pollution;

5. Unique cooling, conveying, and paving system: the material flows more smoothly and the density is more uniform, and at the same time, the surface temperature of the conveying device is effectively controlled, and the phenomenon of material melting, sticking rollers, or discoloration of materials due to long-term continuous operation of the equipment is avoided;

6.Unique extrusion device: It can ensure the constant pressure of the tablet, the uniform thickness of the sheet, the automatic adjustment of the gap between the rollers, and meet the requirements of the finished product pelletization and production continuity;

7. Unique cooling system: The equipment adopts air cooling or water cooling technology, the temperature rise of the pressure roller surface can be controlled, and the temperature of the pressure roller can be adjusted automatically, so that the sheet material does not dissolve, stick, and change color, and there is no condensation on the pressure roller, which effectively reduces The possibility of contamination;

8. Two-stage granulation system: coarse granulation: breaking large particles into small pieces; fine granulation: sieving qualified products with less dust and high yield;

9. After granulation, the qualified granules are discharged by air flow screening, and the unqualified granules are returned to the bin for granulation twice;

10. The appearance of the device is unique, novel, and artistic. At the same time, it adopts visual design, which is convenient for observation and maintenance, and improves the controllability of the device;

11.Using human-machine interface system, beautiful and easy to understand, easy to understand and control;

12. Fully meet GMP requirements;

http://cloud.video.taobao.com/play/u/973336717/p/1/e/1/t/1/60281430.swf Dry granulator video

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