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Solid preparation production line

  • Product name: solid preparation production line
  • Product model: gt
Product details:

Solid preparation production line

First, the overall process description:

Push the circulating hopper equipped with the material to the side of the wet granulator → vacuum feed into the wet granulator → after granulation → wet granulation → drying → material lifting (dry material) granulation → dry and finished The granules fall into the revolving hopper → push the revolving hopper to the total mixer to lift and feed to the total mixing barrel after the material receiving → the material after the total mixing falls into the revolving hopper → lift the revolving hopper to the tablet press (or Capsule filling machine) Feeding → The hopper after use is pushed to the cleaning center for cleaning.

Work function description

2.1 High-position wet granulator:

High-level wet structure adopts vacuum feeding and automatic metering slurrying system. The material enters the granulating pot and is automatically cut into a multi-dimensional flow after being programmed to be fully mixed. Then the adhesive is injected through the spray gun system or by hand, and is made into uniform particles under the action of the stirring paddle and cutter. The granules are discharged to the wet granule granulator through the discharge port, and the granules are shaped into uniform granules.

2.2 Boiling dryer: The expansion chamber is provided with raw material feeding holes, which can be used online with high-efficiency wet granulator. Feed hole and efficient wet method

The granulator adopts pipeline connection, and uses the negative pressure of the silo to suck the granulated granules from the high-efficiency wet granulator into the silo to realize closed feeding and ensure sufficient boiling space of the material; It is made of electrostatic cloth and adopts airbag sealing structure. It is equipped with lifting and tightening mechanism. When the field is cleared, the trap bag can be lowered and then disassembled and cleaned.

The air inlet section adopts G4 primary effect filter, F8 sub high efficiency filter, H13 high efficiency filter. All filters have a two-stage differential pressure display instrument to indicate the filter blocking pressure difference; PID mode is used to control the steam regulating valve, and there are dampers that are adjusted by hot and cold air linkage to achieve continuous air temperature control, which can finely adjust the temperature The wind temperature can be arbitrarily set and adjusted automatically from room temperature to 120 ° C, and the temperature control accuracy is within the range of ± 1 ° C. Discharging method: directly pull out the silo, and lift and flip the whole grain to discharge.

2.3 Improve the granulator:

The equipment can complete lifting, overturning, unloading, and granulating operations, and the dry granules in the fluidized bed are collected in a mixing hopper after being granulated. The base is fixed on the ground, the column can be rotated 180 degrees horizontally on the base, and the cone can be rotated 360 ° after lifting to the specified height.

The interface, the main shaft, the whole knife, the screen and the like on the granulator are made of 304 stainless steel. The inner surface of the device is polished Ra≤0.4μm, and the outer surface of the device is polished Ra≤0.6μm. The main interface adopts sanitary connection, which can be easily removed during cleaning.

2.4 total mix

The medicinal powder or granules are added to the mixing hopper from the revolving bucket by lifting and adding.

Mixing function: Mix the materials evenly according to the set process parameters, and automatically shut down.

Discharging method: The mixing hopper is lifted and divided by a hopper elevator.

3. Equipment configuration (example 200Kg / h output)

Device name

A brief description



High-position wet granulator

160-240kg / pot. 3-10Min

1 set

Automatic feeding and discharging


100-150kg wet granules for 4-6 minutes

1 set

Supporting high-position wet granulator

Boiling (granulation) dryer

Granulation and drying 150-200kg / batch, 10-30Min

1 set

Can be loaded under negative pressure, explosion-proof with online cleaning

Lifting granulator

Matching with the boil granulator to transfer and granulate, 100-300Kg / batch

1 set


Square cone mixer

Mixing volume 2000L

1 set

Fixed or lift

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