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Seaweed (coconut) drying production line

  • Product Name: Drying Line for Seaweed (Coconut)
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Product details:

Project Name: Seaweed and Coconut Drying Production Line

Project Overview:
As algae growing in the sea, seaweed is a hidden flower plant in the plant kingdom. Algae includes several different types of organisms that generate energy through photosynthesis. They are generally considered to be simple plants. The main characteristics are: no vascular bundle tissue, no true root, stem, and leaf differentiation; no flowering, no fruits, and no seeds; no special protective tissues for reproductive organs, often directly composed of a single Cells produce spores or gametes; and no embryos are formed. Due to the simple structure of algae, some botanists attribute it to the "phyllite flora" of lower plants, together with fungi. Seaweed is abundant in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia.

Changzhou Lima Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. uses high-end DW-type mesh belt dryers to achieve efficient drying of seaweed and coconut palm. At present, many cases have been applied to the international market.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.


The entire production line is fully enclosed (for materials) and consists of a swinging cloth section, a drying section and a discharge section. The action of the swinging cloth section makes the seaweed uniformly dispersed on the screen and is conveyed to the drying section at a uniform speed. After passing through the 80 ° C hot air drying section, the 90 ° C hot air drying section and the 120 ° C hot air drying section, the seaweed is discharged through the discharge section. The circulation wind direction and the circulation of the air in each unit are downward, that is, the heated air is sucked by the induced draft fan. After the fan outlet is first pre-distributed and then passes through the orifice plate to equalize the air, the hot air flows upward from the material (or from the material). (Top down) penetrates the material layer.

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