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Chicken essence production line

  • Product Name: Chicken Essence Production Line
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Product details:

Project Name: Chicken Essence (Mushroom Essence) Production Line

Project Overview:

As the second-generation compound condiment, chicken essence is delicious, convenient to use, and nutritious. It is popular with the public. Therefore, the market prospect of chicken essence is very broad. However, in today's fierce market competition, how to produce high-quality chicken essence products has become the direction actively sought by various manufacturers.
Changzhou Lima Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. is based on first-class process technology and rich production practice experience, and has been continuously improving and innovating. At present, it has designed a new generation of chicken essence special production line to meet the user's requirement for producing high-quality chicken essence. It has become one of the most famous chicken essence production line manufacturers in China, and there are already dozens of engineering cases available for users to visit and certify.
Our company can carry out engineering design according to the actual requirements of users. At present, the output of a single production line is 100kg / h, 200kg / h, 300kg / h, 500kg / h, 800kg / h, 1500 kg / h, etc. The production of chicken essence mainly includes the steps of crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, sieving, and flavoring. The chicken essence production line produced by our company has compact process design, exquisite equipment production, high degree of flowing operation, stable product quality, easy cleaning and maintenance Features. The contact parts of the equipment and materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and are finely polished, resistant to salt corrosion, more convenient to clean, and meet the QS requirements and GMP standards of food production management.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.

1. The chicken essence production line adopts the forms of integrated crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, sieving, and flavoring sections, which have clear functions and can be organically combined to operate in a coordinated manner. Reach process flow operation.
2. The core part of the production line: drying system. The heating method is segmented. The pre-drying section uses a high-pressure and low-air volume fan to make the wet chicken essence particles fully fluidized. The drying section uses a low-pressure and high-air volume fan to take away more water per unit time and dry uniformly. The cooling section The use of high air flow fans can quickly remove heat and reduce product temperature, which not only meets the requirements of moisture control, but also facilitates subsequent packaging processes.
3. Drying medium circulation system: The blower, heater and air inlet pipe are made of stainless steel to avoid the possibility of the product being polluted by unclean air.
4. The quick-open structure is adopted between the upper and lower beds of the drying machine, which changes the traditional structure of bolted connection, which greatly facilitates the system to be thoroughly cleaned.
5. The hole pattern of the paving bed board adopts a combined structure, and the tongue section is used at the front section, so that the material can move forward smoothly without material leakage; the middle and rear ends adopt straight holes, and the penetration rate of hot air is higher and dry. The process heat exchange is more adequate.
6. The lower bed is supported by stainless steel seamless steel pipes, the bed structure is stronger and the service life is longer.
7. The inner part of the lower bed is made of full stainless steel to prevent sewage from entering the insulation layer during washing, which affects the product quality. It also has a cleaning port to facilitate cleaning equipment.
8. The system is also equipped with a pulverizing unit with a vacuum cleaner, a high-speed mixer, a material transfer and conveying unit, a sieving and fragrance unit. This production line is highly efficient in combination, beautiful in appearance and stable in performance.

Project cases: Yiwu Bee Chicken Essence Co., Ltd., Angel Yeast Co. , Ltd. , Hubei Shidefu Food Development Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hongmei Food Development Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Dashanhe Group, Heilongjiang Sanwu Weiye Group, Beijing Health Industry Center, Beijing North Xiaguang Company, Shandong Fengxiang Group, Shandong Fushi Group, Shanghai Guansheng Garden, Shanghai Weidan Enterprise, Zhejiang Zhengwei Food, Yiwu Lukang Food, Hubei Senyuan Food, Fujian Rongcheng Food

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