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Company: Changzhou Lima Drying Technology Co., Ltd.
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Precision ceramic spray drying granulator

  • Product name: Precision ceramic spray drying granulator
  • Product model: TZPG-20
Product details:

TZPG spray drying granulator

1. Equipped with M-type atomizing disc on the latest atomizer
Can produce spherical powder with good fluidity.
It can produce granulated products with uniform particle size distribution.
Can reduce the amount of sticky walls on the flight line.
Adjustable average particle size.

2. High recovery rate Low cap method is adopted to improve the recovery rate of granulated products.

3. Prevent product cross-contamination.
The drying chamber can be operated under positive pressure.

4. Easy to clean The hot air chamber can be removed for cleaning.
The corners of the drying chamber are processed into R-shape.

5.Folded or bag filter

It can improve the recovery rate of fine powder, clean the exhaust gas and prevent pollution.

6. Simple operation and reliable operation The hot air temperature can be automatically controlled within ± 0.5% of the set value.
Since it is miniaturized, it takes up less space and is easy to operate.
The operating conditions can be selected over a wide range.
It can produce granulated products with good morphology.
Adjustable average particle size.
Particle size distribution and loose packing density can be adjusted by changing various atomizing discs.
With reliable reproducibility.

This model is mainly used for granulating of precision ceramics, new metal materials, and inorganic drugs.

Compared with other models, the installation area and installation height are reduced by about 20% and 50%, respectively.
This model is widely used by major well-known manufacturers in the precision ceramics industry at home and abroad, and has received unanimous praise.

Machine type



TZPG -16

TZPG -20

TZPG -25

TZPG -30

Water evaporation

Water evaporation

5Kg / h

10Kg / h

15Kg / h

30Kg / h

75Kg / h

Drying chamber diameter (mm)

Diameter of drying chamber

¢ 1,200

¢ 1,600

¢ 2,000

¢ 2,500

¢ 3,000

Heater capacity

Power of heater






Power (installed capacity)

Installed power






Installation weight (reference)







Morphology of special ceramic granulated powder

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