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Enzyme preparation drying production line

  • Product name: Enzyme preparation drying production line
  • Product model: LPG
Product details:

Project name: Enzyme preparation drying production line

Project Overview:
Enzyme preparations refer to a class of substances with enzymatic properties extracted from organisms, whose main role is to catalyze various chemical reactions during food processing and improve food processing methods. China has approved   There are 6 kinds of papain , α-amylase preparation, refined pectinase, β-glucose and so on. Enzyme preparations are derived from organisms, which are generally safer, and can be used in appropriate amounts according to production needs. With the development of enzyme preparations, its influence will be further enhanced, and it will play a role of comprehensive utilization of circular economy for many related enterprises. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the original enzyme preparations will continue to increase enzyme activity, create international brand names, accelerate the development and production of special complex enzyme preparations, and apply them to new fields such as papermaking, feed, environmental protection, food, and textile. The enzyme preparation factory itself must further reduce costs, high quality and low consumption, safe and clean production, and meet standards to make China's enzyme preparations more robust, superior, and safer in development. Lima drying engineering technicians have been committed to the research and development of special dryers for enzyme preparations for many years, and targeted the characteristics of materials with large viscosity, and have formed a proprietary technology.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.

The professional drying project of enzyme preparations has been carried out by domestic authoritative experts in the field of enzyme preparations and our sales staff for multiple process tests. The LPG-5 high-speed centrifugal spray dryer (evaporating 5 kg of water per hour) was used as test equipment. Temperature, air volume and air pressure matching, over-temperature critical alarm, and inlet and outlet balance have been demonstrated many times, which better guide the process design of large spray drying equipment. Aiming at the characteristics of strong hygroscopicity of the enzyme preparation, the equipment structure was improved, the new technology of anti-stick sweeping wall was incorporated, and the process requirements such as simultaneous cooling and continuous receiving can be realized.

Project cases: Guangdong Yiduoli, Jiangsu Boli Biological, Fujian Fuda Baite

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