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Salty flavor (yeast extract) production line

  • Product name: Salty Flavor (Yeast Extract) Production Line
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Product details:

Project Name: Salty Flavor Production Line

Engineering background:

1. Definition of savory flavors: The national light industry standard QB / T2640-2004 defines savory food flavors as "one of the flavor components such as thermal reaction spices, food flavor compounds, spices (or extracts thereof), etc. Or mixtures with edible carriers and / or other food additives for flavoring savory foods. "This definition is authoritative, accurate and legally binding. According to this definition, we can clearly see that savory food flavor is a kind of food flavor used to flavor savory food. From the perspective of varieties, the flavors of salty foods mainly include meat flavors such as beef, pork, chicken, seafood flavors such as fish, shrimp, crab, and shellfish, flavors of various dishes, and other flavoring flavors.

2. The function of salty food flavors: The function of salty food flavors is to supplement and improve the flavor of foods. These foods include various meats, seafood canned foods, various meat products, imitation meat products, convenient dishes, soups. , Seasoning, seasoning, chicken essence, puffed food, etc.

Salty flavor is just a flavor additive for food, and cannot be eaten directly or used as a raw material for cooking in the kitchen or as a seasoning for the table. However, with the significant improvement in the living standards of domestic people, the development of various types of food is even more colorful, and improving the inherent quality of food color and flavor is the manifestation of core competitiveness, and the rapid development of salty flavors can be seen in general.

Process overview:

Changzhou Lima Drying Engineering Co., Ltd., according to the actual needs of flavor manufacturers in the market, combines the traditional spray drying process with the physical and chemical characteristics of pasty flavors, the physical and chemical characteristics of flavors when powder is formed, and the inertial thinking of operators. Developed a new generation of salty flavor special production line. The new dedicated production line is based on first-class process technology and rich production practice experience, and continues to improve and innovate, meeting the user's requirement of producing high-quality flavors. It has become the richest domestic practice experience, the most customer application points, and production enterprise information. The feedback is the most complete and one of the most famous flavor production line manufacturers, and there are already dozens of engineering cases available for users to visit for certification.

Our company can carry out engineering design according to the actual requirements of users. At present, the output of a single production line is 50kg / h, 100kg / h, 150kg / h, 200kg / h, 300kg / h, 500 kg / h and so on. Flavor production mainly includes the steps of pre-treatment cooking, enzymolysis, separation, temporary storage, spraying, drying into powder, collection, purification and packaging. The flavor production line produced by our company has compact process design, exquisite equipment production, and high degree of streamlined operation. Product quality is stable, easy to clean and maintain. The contact parts of the equipment and materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and are finely polished, resistant to salt corrosion, more convenient to clean, and meet the QS requirements and GMP standards of food production management.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.


1. After the fresh air has been filtered by primary, middle and high-efficiency filters, the degree of purification can be guaranteed to reach 300,000.
2. The drying tower system adjusts the height-diameter ratio of the straight body of the main tower; extending the residence time of the materials to ensure the drying effect.
3. The taper of the tower cone was adjusted from the conventional included angle of 60 ° to about 54 °, taking full account of the smoothness of the material when the cone is unloaded.
4. A cooling system and a jacket cooling system are set at the top of the tower. In order to prevent the temperature of the tower top and the inner wall of the cone from becoming too high, the material adsorbed on the wall of the tower cone will not be coked by high temperature, which will affect the quality.
5. Application of frozen dehumidification and centralized collection system After the filtered fresh air passes through the frozen dehumidifier, the system quickly becomes dry and the temperature is low. The materials discharged from the main tower and the cyclone are forced to be cooled in time, and concentratedly delivered to the clean collection The powder room has two functions: ① The material is quickly cooled to prevent it from being dampened during the natural cooling process. ② Centralized clean collection, in line with relevant sanitary requirements.
6. The control system adopts color touch screen animation to display the process flow, control and set related parameters, PLC programmable preset process flow, and animation display, using fuzzy technology to automatically track the control variable parameters to achieve the best results.
7. The process pipelines are all used for smooth conveying to avoid blockage of bent pipes.
8. Rotary cutting air inlet technology and adjustable volute ensure the material is evenly distributed and does not return to the top.
9. Matching of online cleaning system to reduce labor intensity and improve unit control level.
10. The unit adopts waste heat recovery system to ensure high efficiency and low consumption, and obvious energy saving.

Project cases: Guangdong Huixiangyuan, Shanghai Dashanhe Group, Guangdong Huabao, Henan Pinzheng, Yunnan Zhuoyi Food, Shaanxi Madison, Hebei Zhongwang, Hengshui Longtai, Beijing Health Industry Center, Shandong Fengxiang Group, etc.

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