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Plasma hemoglobin powder production line

  • Product name: plasma hemoglobin powder production line
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Product details:

Project Name: Plasma Hemoglobin Powder Production Line

Project Overview:
Plasma protein is the most important solid component in plasma, with a content of 60 to 80 g / L. There are many types of plasma proteins with different functions. The domestic animal protein industry is in a rapid development stage. As a feed additive, animal protein is widely used in feed production, and its application in food is still at a low level. Pig blood is rich in protein and is known as the "liquid meat". The pig blood deep processing project has broad prospects. Plasma hemoglobin powder products have been applied in the feed industry for many years. In recent years, they have also been optimistic about the market prospects for food grade extension.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.

The production line is composed of multiple systems such as a feeding system, a medium circulation system, an air heating purification system, a drying tower system, a receiving system, and a control system. The main tower system integrates all the cutting-edge technologies of the current spray drying project. The material collection system of the spray drying unit is formed by a combination of a first-level cyclone separator and a bag filter. The first-level cyclone is collected by a high-volume and high-efficiency cyclone, and its dust collection rate can reach about 96%. The bag filter is an optimized device specially designed for protein powder dust removal, which can completely separate and settle the material from the wind. The cloth bag is a water-repellent, oil-proof and anti-static cloth bag, and the filtering mesh can reach more than 500 mesh.

   Project Cases: Tianjin Enbi Protein Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Baodi Meat Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Enbi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Huaibei Enbi Spice Material Co., Ltd., Nanchang Baodi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Baodi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. the company


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