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Chinese medicine extract spray drying equipment

  • Product name: Chinese medicine extract spray drying equipment
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Product details:

Project name: Chinese medicine extract spray drying project

Project Overview:

   In recent years, the Chinese traditional medicine extract drying technology has made remarkable progress, and the advanced extract drying technology and equipment have been promoted to some extent, but the research on the optimization of drying process and equipment improvement still urgently needs to be strengthened. According to the development status of traditional Chinese medicine extract drying technology, Lima Drying analyzes the principles, equipment conditions and technical characteristics of common drying technologies such as box drying, spray drying, and vacuum drying, and analyzes its different drying methods for traditional Chinese medicine extraction. The advantages and disadvantages of paste drying are summarized. Based on the characteristics of different traditional Chinese medicines, appropriate drying methods are reasonably selected to improve the quality of finished Chinese medicine extracts. This project focuses on the spray drying of traditional Chinese medicine extracts. The high-speed centrifugal spray device for traditional Chinese medicine extracts is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials. It is also the use of high-speed centrifugal atomizers to disperse materials into fine air Full contact, complete the instant drying and form a powdery finished product drying device. This drying equipment is a spray dryer specially used to solve traditional Chinese medicine extracts and plant extracts . It effectively solves many problems that occurred in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extracts by the original LPG high-speed spray dryer.

Technical process (flow chart): call to talk in detail.

1. In order to prevent the sticking wall equipment in the material science department, the air sweeping wall and tower wall jacket cooling structure are provided to effectively prevent the sticky wall coking of the product. Improve product quality and yield.

2. The unique cold air centralized feeding system for finished products separates the dried products from the hot and humid air in the system in time to avoid the possibility of moisture absorption and damping of the finished products.

3. The air entering the dryer adopts three-stage air purification to make the inlet air reach the requirement of 300,000;

4. Quick opening punching device is adopted, which is suitable for multi-variety production requirements;

5. Material collection adopts two-stage cyclone dust removal device or one-stage cyclone dust removal + wet dust collector;

6. The spray tower volume and configuration should be adjusted according to the nature of the material to make it more practical;

7, PLC control can be selected, the screen display of the program control system;

8. The entire drying system is designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP specifications;

Project cases: Hunan Shengsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Yingpai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Feiyunling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Tiande Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Dongke Madison Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Bailing, Yunnan Peacekeeping, Nantong Anhui, Guizhou Yibai, Hunan Jintai, Sichuan Huashen


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