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Company: Changzhou Lima Drying Technology Co., Ltd.
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Special dryer for traditional Chinese medicine formula granules

  • Product Name: Special dryer for granules of Chinese medicine formula
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project description:
In order to meet the needs of modern Chinese medicine clinical and market changes, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces can no longer meet and adapt to people's modern needs, and the traditional Chinese medicine formula granules made by advanced technology, scientific extraction, low temperature concentration, spray drying and other processes have been used as new Chinese medicine Because it does not need to be cooked, it is easy to inhale, it is good for absorption by the human body, and the effect is stable. It has been favored by more and more people.

Traditional Chinese medicine formula granule products are the basis for further inheriting and developing the advantages and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, making full use of modern scientific and technological methods and means, and applying new and high technology to serve the new path of traditional Chinese medicine. Its development meets the needs of modern people The traditional Chinese medicine formula granule industry is a fine-molecule industry that will replace traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces in the future, maintaining a growth rate of 40% to 50% each year, and there is great room for future development.
Aiming at the drying process of traditional Chinese medicine, the company optimized and improved some production equipment after many years of production practice, and independently developed a special dryer for traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. This equipment is a drying device that uses a high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into a mist, fully contacts with hot air to complete instant drying, and forms a powder or granular finished product.

The device has:
(1) The air inlet device is equipped with a sub-efficiency filter, so that the air entering the air can reach 100,000 levels of purification. Air filters, dehumidifiers, heaters, etc. are all modularly manufactured to facilitate disassembly, maintenance, and maintenance, and fresh air is dehumidified;
(2) The wall of the tower is equipped with a cold air jacket device, which solves the problem of sticking to the wall of traditional Chinese medicine extracts. At the same time, the wall temperature is low, which will not cause coking and deterioration of the materials;
(3) The atomizer is specifically designed for the characteristics of the extract, and at the same time, the distance between the atomizing tray and the top of the drying tower is increased to avoid the material from being sucked;
(4) The equipment is equipped with an air-sweep device at the cone, thereby accelerating the flow of material on the cone;
(5) The inlet air temperature is automatically controlled to ensure that the color, aroma and taste of the material will not be damaged;
(6) Two-stage cyclone dust removal device is used for material collection;
(7) Adopting CIP cleaning system, the equipment is easy to clean and meets GMP requirements;
(8) The control system adopts PLC program control, and the entire operating system is simple and easy to understand, making workers more convenient to operate.

Typical customers:
Sichuan New Green Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huisong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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